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Testimonials from our clients-

"I went with my daughter to get these lashes done. They are so great and I definitely plan to have them redone! The lashes last a very long time and are so light in weight, it's like your natural eyelash! Wen is fantastic - I will be calling her soon to schedule another session! If you are considering lash extensions, definitely check out Sassy lashes by Wen!"

Sandy L.

  • "Wen aka Samantha is absolutely AMAZING at what she does. She is thorough and meticulous and my lashes have looked amazing every time she has applied them. My lashes have actually lasted me literally TWO months before, and looked great up until the point I got them refilled. I would recommend Wen to anyone. Definitely worth every penny!"


  • "Absolutely LOVE these lashes! They totally open up my eyes and make me feel so GLAM. Wen is so meticulous with making sure she didn't miss any lash! Great service, totally recommend! =)"

    Jodi N
  • "I highly recommend Wen for your lashes, she did mine on July 24th and they are still looking as good as the day she did them and now its already August 26th... Very long lasting, look great, easy care, and best of all no raccoon eyes from running mascara......Please try her out, you won't regret it...."

    Joanne Repasky Gebhardt
    Massage therapist
  • "Very skilled and repeatable lash artist from Sassy Lashes by Wen. I had mine done back in June, it last longer than 3 weeks before my 1st refill. Its October now, and I've only had mine refilled twice. These lashes look gorgeous and very easy to maintain. As a mom and a career woman, time is limited. With these lashes, I can do minimal makeup and still looking great leaving my front door each morning on a rush. You won't regret it having your lashes done by Sassy Lashes, and I can guarantee you'll go back for more! Their services and skills are top notch. Highly recommended for all the ladies who live around this area!!"

    Jodie Cheng
    Database Specialist
  • "Wen did an amazing job fixing the messy lashes I had done in Philly. She made sure to use the best lash style that doesn't damage my naturally thin lashes. Wen was extremely meticulous and made sure every lash was filled. I am definitely recommending her and have already scheduled my refills with Wen"