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Celebrity VIP Member Rewards Program

First time waxing service 50% off

10% off on retail products

Earn 1 point on each dollar spent

100 points on your Birthday

75 points each referral

50 points online review

25 points each social media post

10pts check in each time on FB

(show us the post from you to earn the points)

Redeem your points

500 pts-free eyemask

1500 pts-free eyebrow wax or tinting

2000pts-free sealant or mascara

3000pts-free 2 week’s refill by any level lash artist or aftercare kit

3500pts-free 2 week’s 3D volume refill or $30 gift card

4000pts-free 3 week’s refill by any level lash artist or $35 gift card

4500pts-free 3 week’s 3D refill or $40 gift card

(All promotions are subject to change)